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June 22: Dahab and the Red Sea

Location: Dahab, Egypt

I slept okay last night/this morning. I went to sleep around 5:30 am and I woke up a few times, the last time at 10 am. I washed my hair in the “shower” and dried my hair on a pair of my clean pants, because there weren’t any towels in my room.

I got dressed and waited for the guys, then we all went and ate breakfast at this beautiful restaurant right beside the Red Sea in Dahab. I got some great pictures that I'll update later. I even fed the cats that were under the table.

Dahab is a really cute town with great snorkeling and reef.

After eating, we went back to the hotel and changed into our swimsuits. David, Nathan, and I rented snorkel gear, and went out to the sea to go snorkeling for a while. It was amazing.

Coral reefs everywhere, and fish, and anemones, and...I just had a blast. I don't know why more people don't come here for their honeymoons instead of staying in the would be worth it...

We swam for a few hours until we all got tired, and David cut his foot on the coral. We piled out and walked, or in David's case limped, to the doctor down the street to see if he needed stitches. The doctor bandaged his foot up, and even though it was a pretty bad cut, he didn't need stitches, just a lot of bandages.

On the way back I found a jewelry store that makes rings, and I had a fake wedding ring made. more boys asking me if I'm married.

David and Jacek found an internet cafe, and I went back to the room to take a shower, then I came back to the cafe with my laptop to upload my journals.

I'm having a great time so far, the snorkeling was just great. David said that he was going to go find something to eat, so I might do that too.

I got back from the internet café, and met David at a little café by the shore. We sat on the really comfortable couches that are in the cafes instead of chairs and tables. David and I talked and ate calamari…while cats basically stood on top of us trying to get the food. It was funny. The water was so pretty. It’s perfectly blue here.

We met Nathan and Jacek and went to have Egyptian seafood at the same restaurant where we ate breakfast/lunch. We got to pick out our fish, and they served us bread, seafood soup, grilled fish, and ice cream. For 50 pounds each…that’s about 8 dollars… It was amazing.

After dinner we bought some water, because we are going to go hike up Mt. Sinai at very early o’clock tomorrow. We are checking out tonight so that we can have a bus take us to Sinai tonight at midnight.

We’ll get there and hike up the mountain at 2 am, so that we will be at the top at sunrise. David isn’t going to be able to go because of his foot. It got cut up so badly that he really can’t walk on it. He’s going to meet us in Neiweba, and we’ll all take the ferry from there to Aqaba, Jordan. Bus leaves at midnight for Sinai. I’m already tired…and I still have to climb up a mountain…

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