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Send me on my way: Friday, May 9th

I got to the gate around 3:30 (seriously, it only took 30 minutes) and settled down for some relaxing with my 3DS. Which was promptly interrupted by the nice folks that noticed my Glass and needed to ask questions. After I went through my usual spiel I got a text from TripIt letting me know the gate had changed again. I packed up and wandered four gates down and settle into a comfy seat on a bench.

I decided to try out some of the new games on my Glass and promptly found a Fruit Ninja-esque game which requires you to wave your hand in front of your face to slice shapes in half. Needless to say I began dividing shapes like a mad woman only to realize a few minutes later that I looked like I really was crazy...batting at invisible things and laughing hysterically. I stopped. 

I went to reorganize my bag and noticed that I didn't have my boarding passes. After a panicked run back to the last gate, while I internally chastised myself for my stupidity, I found them on the window sill, right where I had left them. On the way back I found some other folks from my cohort and we found a nice spot at the gate.

Our plane was delayed, but we headed out around 7. I spent the flight listening to the second book of the Mortal Instruments series, which I have accidentally gotten addicted to. Teen novels... We got to Miami around 9:15 and Jen, Melissa, Susan, and I went on a quest for a currency exchange. We quickly discovered that no one has Argentine Pesos outside of Argentina...not surprisingly, so we continued on our quest for food.

A group of us found a little pub in the airport and had a very late dinner. After we ate I went on a quest for electricity in the airport and ended up staking claim to a plug in a corner of our gate. I charged my gear and played Super Mario Bros. on my 3D while we waited. 

We boarded the plane around 11:15. This being 2-3 hrs. past my bedtime I had turned into Zombie Erin, complete with shambling and incoherent speech. I got settled on the plane and I was asleep before we took off. I woke up around 5 or so, right on time, and I went back to listening to Mortal Instruments for the rest of the flight.

We landed at 9:15 and meandered through passport control and the longest customs line I've ever seen, finally arriving on the other end, our lovely group intact. I detoured with a couple of other folks to get pesos from a nearby ATM. We moved along with our tour leader, Andrea, to our bus and got on our way to the hotel.

We got to the hotel around 11:45, after a 30 minute drive into Buenos Aires from the airport. We all checked in and left our bags at the front desk while we headed to our orientation meeting. 

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