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June 7: New Friends

I'm still in a good mood about the internet.

I woke up early, and got read to go to class. In ECA we learned how to tell time, and how to say "weeks" and "months" and "years". I talked with Nathan, he's from Little Rock, and a bunch of us are going to go to Coptic Cairo at 10 or 11 tomorrow morning, to see all the Coptic Christian Churches.

After MSA I met Nathan and we exchanged phone numbers so that we could call each other about going to Coptic tomorrow.

I came back to the apartment to tidy up. Somehow this place seems to get really messy. I think it's because when we come inside we are always exhausted, and just flop down wherever we land. Now I'm planning out our trip to Coptic Cairo. I know that we have to get on the Red line to Helwan and the Mar Girgis stop is literally at the museum. So...not a lot of walking at least. I really want to see the museum and go through some of the churches. Meg also said that they have really pretty silver jewelry. Everything closes down at 4, so that's why we have to go so early. It also starts to feel like you are walking on the face of the sun around 2:30 or so...hence, I hope we will be done by then. I already inhale 4 bottles of water a day. Outside, I can drink that much in a couple of hours...

Unfortunately, since most of the roads in Old Cairo are dirt, it isn't in my nifty little map book that I bought. Super. Guess we'll be winging it then. Good thing is...I'm going with about 4 guys. Heckle free day in Cairo. It's a rare thing.

I'm making a list of what I need to buy for people back home. The problem is...I only have so much room in my suitcase. *sigh* This will work itself out somehow...

I read a little more in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe which is in The Ultimate Hitch Hiker's Guide (Book 2 of 6), and talked online some more.

I'm really looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. On Saturday, it will have been two weeks since I got here. It took me a week to get over the jet lag, and about the same time to get over the culture shock. Eight more weeks here. How odd.

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