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June 6: Wegibon

Who has internet? I HAVE INTERNET!

Heck YEAH.

I got up early this morning to try to work on the internet connection for a while, and after ANOTHER thirty minutes of fiddling with connected. SCORE.

I just uploaded all the backlogged journal entries that I have been writing, and I'm working on uploading the YouTube video that I made of the apartment, so you guys can actually see the walkthrough of the whole place. Now that I have internet in my room, there will be better stuff on here. I'm not sure how reliable the internet is if for some reason I disappear again, you'll know why. Egypt is very safe, and I will not drop off the face of the Earth due to any physical danger.

I have to run to class, but I'll update later:)

Okay today I went to class and worked on more Arabic (in ECA we learned more numbers). Now I'm back here, trying to figure out the internet again. It's definitely dunno about it yet. It's knocked me off line a few times, and it's sometimes rather slow... Guess I'll figure this out eventually...

Okay, I got rid of Norton Anti-virus, and the connection got better. Coincidence? I think not. I ate Fruit Loops for dinner. Yeah...imagine normal Fruit Loops without sugar...or bright colors...or taste...and you have what Kelloggs passes for Fruit Loops in Egypt.

ANYWAY. I ate dinner, and did my wegibon. Wegibon = homework in Arabic. It is also my favorite word in Arabic. Wegibon...WEGIBON...wegibon...wegibon...

After that I decided to watch A Few Good Men on my laptop, and tidied up the room. Anna got invited to an Egyptian Bachelorette Party, and Meg is out to see a movie with one of her friends from France.

After I watched A Few Good Men, I did some emailing. Apparently the Welcome Week Committee decided that tonight was a good night to cause a small scale ruckus. Yeah...someone back home is already not going to be starting off a good school year with me when I get back. *eyeroll* I talked online for a bit then started to crash.

The internet is getting more stable the longer I'm on it. I just can't turn off the computer or disconnect the power without it wigging out a little. At least I know it will come back though:) I think I'm going to head to sleep now.

I have one more day of class. Thank goodness for four day weeks. Twenty hours of class a week is quite enough...

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