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June 20: Tests and Pre-Trip Planning

I survived my MSA test! Score. Tell you what I made on it tomorrow I suppose...

In ECA we worked on reading again, then Amir had us working on grocery store vocabulary. In MSA...we only had a test. It took me an hour and a half to finish mine. It was 10 pages...all in Arabic and it was done in immersion, so there weren't any instructions. Ahmed had just written an example at the top of each section, and we had to figure out the rest. Yeah...not a fun way to get through something. However, once I figured out one section was all the months...I've never been happier. We were supposed to add the dots to the words, and without knowing what the words are it's impossible. Anyway, I made it through that, and I think I did pretty good, guess I'll see tomorrow.

After the test in MSA I took a taxi to Zamalek, and got some cash for the trip. We're leaving tomorrow, and David is checking on the bus tickets today. He said that he would call later about the particulars. It's going to be a long bus ride to Dahab. Nine hours...that should be long enough for me to finish every book I bought/brought to Cairo. At least I'll have the guys to talk to... I crashed for a bit, because I was going to eat dinner with Amelia and Jackie, so that I can interview them for my Lily Research Paper.

I also did a little laundry, because I had to wash everything I own for the trip to Jordan and Israel. I went to eat dinner with Amelia and Jackie at 7:30. Before I got there, I stopped by Radio Shack to buy a tape recorder and a few tapes. We ate dinner at this little seafood restaurant called Samakmak. We even got to pick out the fish we wanted to eat. We ate dinner and talked, then headed back to the apartment to do the interview part and such.

We talked for about two and a half hours. All of it is on tape, thank goodness... But now I have the fun task of typing the whole thing... Guess that's a good thing for me to work on during those long bus rides. After that I was exhausted, so I talked online for a bit before heading to sleep. Tomorrow I'm getting on a bus at 4:30...and not getting to Dahab until at least midnight.

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