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June 19: School

Just a normal day in Cairo today.

In ECA we reviewed a lot, everything we have learned thus far, so...quite a bit. In MSA we learned furniture. I don't like furniture. It's confusing.

After class I went to ask about the Calligraphy class for next session, and they aren't offering it:( *cries* If I had known that, I would have taken it in the first session. Maybe I can get Ahmed to give me private lessons or something...

After class, Celia and I went to Radio Shack to see about getting a zip drive/additional SD card to save my files on. She needed to have someone look at her ipod. I decided that it wasn't worth spending 60 pounds for a zip drive. I just need to find some place to store my research papers, where the Israeli army won't find them when they look on my computer at the crossing. I write a lot of slightly pro-Palestinian pieces, and I want to actually get into the country. I think I'm just going to hide them on my ipod, they won't check there.

After getting back from Radio Shack, I took a nap for a few hours. I've been talking online a lot, so...averaging around 3.5 hours of sleep a night. The naps help.

After the nap, I started working on my Lilly vocations research questions. I need to interview Shung Li, Amelia, and Jackie before they leave, so I can get their input for my paper. All three are doing some really incredible things...

Professor Jacek came over to visit Meg, and we all had dinner and talked about the gender issues in Egypt and how Egyptian men are sexually repressed rather than having "fire in their blood" as they would like everyone to believe.

David sent me a text about studying at Marsh's, a little cafe a little way down Ahmed Orabi, and I met him there. We studied for the MSA test that we have tomorrow. It was nice to get to just talk and study. We couldn't find the days of the week anywhere in either of our notes, so he came back to the apartment so that we could ask Meg. We got the days of the week, while listening to some French music on Meg's computer.

After David left I came back to my room to flop. Long day.

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