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June 14: Kushiri

Sleep, is a good thing.

I woke up this morning and got ready. Note to self: It is much easier to move around when one has had at least 6 hours of sleep...

I went to class. We worked on more verbs in ECA, and in MSA we reviewed how to tell time, and learned the vegetables.

After class, Anna, Celia, Meg, David, Shung Li, Cylya, Nathan, and I all went to Tasters for lunch. They had to move around the tables so that we could all sit together. It was nice. We talked about what all we are doing for the break between the sessions. There is a week and a half break between the two summer sessions, and the people who are attending both usually romp around the Middle East in the interim.

David is talking about going to Sinai and Jordan and maybe Sharm el-Sheik. I nearly died...I want to go so bad...that would be awesome. He mentioned something about maybe going together, so, I might be traipsing around the Middle East a bit in the next couple of weeks. I wasn't too keen on wandering around by myself, but if I end up going with David, things won't be so scary. David has no problem winging things with the Arabic that he's learned thus far, unlike me. I tend to get nervous when talking to native speakers. Mostly because I don't want to botch anything.

I'm so glad it's the weekend...I'm just about dead from this week in ECA and MSA. So much to learn... I still need to get some more note cards and finish making all the ones for the stuff I need to know. Tomorrow may be a study day, because I'm going to the Egyptian museum for four or five hours on Saturday with Nathan, Cylya, and some of the guys from Texas. Cylya works as a tour guide around Egypt, so we are going to buy her lunch and such and she is going to give us a great tour. We have to be quiet about it since she's technically not allowed to give tours in the museum...

At 6:30 or so I headed to Medan Tehrir to meet Romany to go to church. After the taxi refused to take me to AUC, and a few communication issues, I met up with him, and we walked to the presbyterian church.

The church was huge, and filled with people. Not exactly something that I was expecting in a very Muslim country, but Romany says that it's the biggest Christian church in Egypt. By U.S. standards, it would still be quite small. Not nearly as big as some of the megachurches and such. Maybe twice the attendance that we usually have at Grace UMC during the Contemporary service.

The service was nice, there were a few songs that were translated from English, so I sang along with those. They had headphones with the English translation, so I got to hear what was going on, since my Arabic still isn't that good. Romany laughed at the translation, and listened to the headphones as well, so that he could add in a better translation.

Everyone at Grace that has had to watch Bro. Jim fling the remote one too many times will be happy to know that the pastor here has just as many problems getting the projector to work. It just seems that pastors and technological equipment are mortal enemies...

After church Romany took me to the kushiri place a few blocks away. Kushiri is a "very Egyptian" dish, as Romany says, and it's basically every kind of lentil all mixed together with sauce. After eating, it was around 10:30 (church lasted two hours), and I took a taxi back to Mohandseen. I'm meeting Romany again tomorrow around 3, and we are going to go around to some more of the Christian churches in Cairo.

I talked online a bit, and now I'm dead tired again. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow, because it's Friday...thankfully...

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