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June 13: Sleep Deprivation

The sleep starting to get to me...

I got up and got dressed this morning. I also think that I spent at least ten minutes staring at the clock...trying to make it go away...

Went to class. In ECA today we worked on learning more verbs. They really are killing me. MSA...more learning how to tell time. The good thing is, when you figure out how MSA and ECA are different, it's easier to switch between the two. Of have to learn all the differences first. *sigh*

After class I came back to the apartment and crashed. I cleaned my room, and now I think I'll keep working on my note cards for class. I made 250 last night. Maybe I'll go have dinner in Tasters while I work...

Wegibon wegibon wegibon wegibon...

Okay, I went downstairs and at dinner in Tasters, and finished making all my flash cards for MSA from our first book. Now all I have left to do are: MSA professions and time, ECA professions, time, vocabulary, places, and verbs. I know right now that I don't have enough note cards. I bought 200 yesterday...and cut them in half. I don't want to have to go all the way back to Medan Tahrir...that's 10 pounds I could spend on candy...hmm I could take a taxi to the Metro supermarket, get candy, and look for a stationary store down the street...that's only 3 pounds... Phillip came over to study with Meg, and I talked to Sid on the phone. He lost his cell at Sharm el-Sheik this past weekend, so we had to trade phone numbers again.

I talked online for a bit, and now I'm going to head to sleep early. It's only midnight...I might actually get some sleep tonight. That's a first.

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