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June 11: ESA vs. MSA

Woke up for class and got ready and such.

In ECA we worked on professions...and we all realized how few jobs women can do in Egypt. They don't have a feminine form of over half of the jobs we learned. It's like...being in the 50s.

In MSA, Ahmed really started screwing with our heads, because we started to learn the days of the week and the months. We already learned them in ECA...however, while MSA and ECA are both Arabic...they are completely different 95% of the time. This is like learning two foreign languages at once, except they are so close to one another that you mix them up REALLY easy.

After class, Meg, Anna and I went to the grocery store and bought some food. I had run out of cereal and baladi bread...and I needed to buy bleach because the washing machine turned my shirts pink. Super.

We came back from the market and I crashed. I'm still exhausted from yesterday, that and the fact that I haven't gotten to sleep in this week yet...*sigh* maybe this weekend...

Okay, well I'd been in a foreign country with a water supply that is not clean for drinking, for two weeks. I'm surprised it took me that long to get sick. In any case, I'm feeling better now, but no nap.

I think I'll just talk online till I crash again tonight. Slow day, I suppose I should be thankful.

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