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June 10: Khan al-Khalili

Went to sleep at 5 am...woke up at 8:30 am...yeah, this time it was a nightmare about a suicide bomber...and a Mariachi band, I think...completely not my fault.

Woke up and bunked around my room for a bit before I got ready to go to Khan al-Khalili with Romany at 11 am. Took a taxi to the American University in Cairo and, after I got stuck in traffic for a little while, Romany found me, and we took a taxi to Khan al-Khalili. He printed out the information on a few mosques, and I spent the 15 minute taxi ride over to the Khan trying to translate it while Romany corrected me (without laughing, which I really appreciated).

Before we went shopping we went in the al-Azar Mosque, which is really close to the road. We took off our shoes, and I put on a huge draperyesque covering, to be modest. There are pictures...*giggles* We walked around the mosque for a while. It felt a little weird to be the only two Christians there...but the building was beautiful.

After that we wandering around Khan al-Khalili. Shops everywhere...oh my lord the shops... I found two pairs of earrings that I really liked, and Romani got the shop keeper to take 20 pounds for both of them...when he initially said 15 for one pair... Romany: "I can't say it very loud...but these people, they are thieves..." I laughed, and I agree, way too expensive, but the point is to haggle. We had some pop in one of the cafes near Khan al-Khalili and talked for a while. We walked around some more till it got too hot, then we took a taxi back to downtown, and had some juice in one of the cafes by AUC.

After that I took a taxi back to Mohandseen and crashed. I'm exhausted and hot. It's 104 degrees here, and the breezes here just make you hotter. I uploaded all my pictures and organized them in Facebook (link at bottom of entry). Meg and Anna decided to make pasta tonight for dinner, so I chopped onions and grated cheese. It was okay...not enough seasoning because we had to use what we had. I miss seasoned food...

Now I think I'm going to study a little for class tomorrow and keep working on organizing my notes...maybe put on a movie for the noise...

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