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First day in Argentina: Saturday, May 10th

The "Floralis Generica" in Recoletta. Originally the large metal sculpture opened and closed with the rising and setting sun.

A memorial to Eva Peron near Puerto Madero.

The Duarte family mausoleum in Recoletta Cemetery. Burial place of Eva Duarte Peron.

The Casa Rosada, the center of the Argentine government in the Plaza de Mayo in Monserrat.

We stopped a couple of times to get out and explore a bit, but we made an extended stop in Caminito to look at the brightly painted corrugated metal houses and eat empenadas at a tiny restaurant. I got an excellent dinner for just $5. Love it:) 

We headed back to the hotel around 5:30. The seats on the bus were so comfortable that several of the guys fell asleep on route. When we got back I decided that I would go for a run at the gym on the 10th floor. It was a very very small gym, but there are free weights and a treadmill, so I can make it work for a few days. 

After my run I decided that I was still full from earlier, so I didn't want to go out for dinner later. In Argentina dinner is typically around 9pm... Instead I got ready for bed, organized my belongings, and snuggled up for some Mythbusters on my iPad. Yay vacation!

*So between our arrival, orientation, and the bus tour, three of our group took detours. Two of the guys went to look for food and missed the bus, while Chotima had a run in with her shower door that ended with an emergency room visit and stitches... 

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