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NYC Day Eight - Back to DC...and the Eras Tour Movie!

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

We got up around 6 am or so and started to work getting ready and packing. I think we both were more efficient about our packing this time around. I am carrying an additional duffel bag of bagels, but that was unavoidable. Essential purchase.

We got breakfast at Gastro Pub one last time and then popped back to the hotel to bring all our bags down and check out. We stepped outside and caught a passing cab and just like that we were on our way to Moynihan to catch our train.

The ride to the station took half as long as it did the first time so we got here an hour before our train is set to leave and found some comfy seats on the bench to wait to see which track our train would be on. A little before 9 am they called out track and we and half the station made a huge line that snaked around most of the station.

We walked pretty far down the train and were able to find primo seats at the front of one of the cars. Plenty of leg room and space for our bags.

Comfy seats, comfy shoes, comfy ride back to DC.

We started working on our friendship bracelets for our Eras Tour movie night tonight and finished a couple before moving on to the crossword.

Can anyone guess what my bracelet says??

One last train selfie before we got to DC!

We got to DC right on time, hopped in a cab, and were back to the house in no time. Georgie was very excited to see us. Darcy was Not Happy (TM). We took them on a quick walk and then headed to lunch at Cactus Cantina.

Look at the color on this tree by the Cathedral!

We had a late lunch at Cactus Cantina and then did a quick round of shopping before we headed back to the house to continue making friendship bracelets for the movie tonight (me) and working on some contracts (Mom). Ariel came by a little before 5 pm with Annabel (who helped with bracelet making) and then we all headed to see the Eras Tour Concert Movie down in Georgetown.

Lots of adorable "helping" happening for bracelet making!

The concert was fantastic and we all had a lot of fun singing along with the songs. We got back to the house around 9:15 and got ready for bed. Have to send Mom home in the morning!

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